Reminder Final Papers Due at the Start of Class Tomorrow!

I mentioned this is class on Tuesday, but final papers are due at the START of class tomorrow (Thursday) at 15:15 (alias 3:15 pm).  Please do not show up at the end of class or part way through class and expect to turn in your paper for credit.  In case it is helpful to you as you finish up your essay, I am posting the final paper rubric that I will use for grading.  Feel free to use this to double check your essay before you submit it!




Week 9

Week 9:

T: No Class – Passover.  Work on Final Project

R: Louise Erdrich, Bingo Palace.  Discuss final projects in class.

Tuesday Week 8: Final Project Proposals

Week 8

T: No Class – Passover.  Work on Final Project

Final Paper Proposals are due by midnight to or (even better!) posted in a comment below.  Paper proposals should include the following:

1. Your name

2. What book you are writing about and the topic/aspect you will discuss

3. The following information that wil eventually go in your introduction:

  • Review of Scholarly debate, including the names and citations of the article[s] you will will use as your common ground and what they have said on the topic you will be discussing (“common ground”)
  • Statement of Argument Relevant to Context, Debate, and Perceptions (your new insight). This includes what they have missed that you will discuss and what you will say that is new. (“but” and “thesis”)
  • Claim for significance of the subject, approach or argument (“so what”)
  • Summary of article structure and points (your “road map”)

More help! To find out more about the Common Ground, But, So What, Thesis see The Problem of the Problem by Joseph Williams.